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EMS FITFACTORY is a personal training studio using electrical muscle stimulation– in short EMS

FITFACTORY is the answer for today's expectations of being in good shape with minimal waste of time. FITFACTORY is a perfect compromise between sport activity and the challenges of everyday life. Our attitude towards every customer is a thing that makes us unique. Your special training plan depends on your form and personal targets.

If you don’t have time and crowds in the gym are too much for you, choose EMS FITFACTORY. Every customer may feel unique in our place. With us your training will be a pleasant experience, with more effective results than after traditional workouts. FITFACTORY is the personal training of XXI centaury.


Electrical Muscle Stimulation is an electric stimulation of the muscles which is used in extreme sports and by physiotherapist with success.

EMS method is used by Real Madrid footballers, world champions Klitschko brothers or by the fastest man in the world Usain Bolt. How it works? During the training our brain is sending the impulses to neurons which results in muscles cramps. In the case of the EMS, the muscles are electrical stimulated by special device called Xbody.

Impulses causes controlled cramps with the omission of the part or the whole nervous system. Thanks to the EMS training we can quickly achieve desired effects because of the deep muscles stimulation and involvement of nine muscles groups.

EMS Training

Maximum results in minimum time

Fitfactory Training is 25 minutes of the personal workout when nine muscles groups are stimulated at once and your body is experiencing over 150 more muscles tensions than during the traditional training. This is why 25 minutes of the EMS sessions responds to 3-4 hours in the gym. EMS training not only shapes perfect figure, reduces fat tissue and cellulites but also strengthens all stabilizing muscles responsible for proper body posture. It helps with metabolism, back pain and cheer you up. Try EMS Fifactory and feel the difference in the training.


Stimulation of the main nine muscle groups at the same time.


Training 2 times a week, lasting for 25-30 minutes.


Effective improvement of sports performance


Creation of perfect posture, fat and cellulite reduction.


Mitigation of back pain, come back after injury, better metabolism.


Effects are visible after 4-6 weekends of training.

Well - being

EMS is training that improves the well – being.

Personal training

Trening indywidualnie dopasowany do każdego klienta.


people have observed improvement in posture after a month of training


people coached by EMS improved their performance by 87 %


people training EMS eliminates back pain


people who experience EMS method rates it better than traditional workout

EMS vs Gym

  EMS Siłownia
The time of single training 25 - 30 minutes 60 - 90 minutes
The frequency of trainings 1 - 2 trainings per week 3 - 4 trainings per week
The amount of calories burned during a workout 500 calories during one training session 400 calories
The fat loss 3 times faster standard
The cellulite reduction yes no
The speeding up metabolism yes no
The deep muscle training Each workout Only during certain exercises
The stress on joints negligible increased
The monthly cost of personal training and pass Over 600 zł Around 1 200 zł

Price List

PROMOTION! Zapisz się na swój pierwszy darmowy trening EMS i wypróbuj trening XXI wieku

4 Trainings Pass *600 zł

  • 150 zł per training
  • You lead an active sport life . You want to complete the training and strengthen the deep muscles.

8 Trainings Pass *1000 zł

  • 125 zł per training
  • The optimal number of training sessions that will replace workouts at the gym

12 Trainings Pass *1380 zł

  • 115 zł per training
  • You enjoy an active life and sport is your passion . You expect immediate results . Take the challenge.

20 Trainings Pass *2000 zł

  • 100 zł per training
  • Cooperative training with a close person or a friend. Choose pass for two.

150 zł - suit price
10 zł – rental of the suit and towel
*Passes are validity for month since first training

Our studio


Frequently Asked Questions

Is electrical muscle stimulation causes pain?

EMS Fitfactory training is totally painless. In fact it is very pleasant, a special suit ensures comfort and perfectly adapts to the body so movements during training are not constrained.

How fast the difference will be visible?

The effects are visible after several EMS trainings. According to reports made by German scientists only 4 trainings can increase maximum force of the training person by 17%, the level of strength after 12 sessions rose by 108 % and after four weeks of regular training a 30% increase in capacity was reported.

Is EMS training can be used by every age group?

EMS training is for everybody with the exception of people who have medical contraindications like coronary artery disease, heart pacemaker , cancer. EMS training do not have age limit.

What is needed at training?

All you need is a sports shoes. We provide you with thermal underwear xbody ( shirt + shorts ) which is assumed to vest with xbody electrodes.

Is training two times a week is sufficient?

YES. EMS training two times a week is sufficient. It corresponds to training at the gym ( around 1,5 – 2 h ) three times a week.

Is it possible to train during pregnancy?

No. Electrical stimulation and muscles cramps are not recommended during pregnancy.

Is EMS training is effective method of the rehabilitation?

YES. EMS training eases back pains and hips what helps in faster return to full fitness after injury. What is more, EMS made no harm to your joints.

Is EMS training helps in cellulite reduction?

YES. Electric impulses affects deep muscles what increases the blood supply to the muscle tissue and the connective tissue. This provides a firm and smooth skin and helps in the fight against cellulite.

Is EMS training is suitable for obese people?

YES.EMS suits are available in several sizes. The trainer will prepare a adequate suite for customer posture for comfort during exercise.

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